What are the sexual bases?

What are the sexual bases? - VR Porn Videos

Fellas, let’s go - what are the 4 bases sexually and why do you need to know all of them?

That is a stupid question - at least the latter one. After all, what would happen if someone asked you - “hey, dude, what are your favourite sex bases?” - and you wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to answer? Okay, just kidding, just kidding. You should realise something, my horny little fellow - as long as you pass your time inside 4K VR porn clips, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Our chicks should be your only reliable source of self-esteem. And if they are content with your deeds - then what is the problem? Boys, given the fact that we are living in an era filled with Swallowbay’s Latina VR porn videos, no one should care to the slightest degree about what are the 4 bases sexually. In the end, why the hell would you? Well, answering that one is much more interesting than any sex bases you can think of. So, chaps - ready for the ultimate sex adventure? Today, we are about to uncover the unmarked lands of… just kidding, just kidding. We will talk about what is second base sexually and a bit about self confidence, that is all. So, vamos??

Why shouldn’t you care if people call you stupid when you admit you know nothing when it comes to “what is second base sexually”?

Bro, I do not have the slightest idea where to start from. Thus, maybe from the very beginning? Here is the question of vital importance - why would you even care about the opinion of others in the first place? There might be different reasons for that. First of all, we are tribal creatures, Thus, we are not necessarily apt to deviate from the rest (even if the rest does not have the slightest clue regarding what is Swallowbay anal VR porn and is rather more interested in discussing what are the sexual bases) due to the fear of rejection. When we were still living in the jungle, rejection meant the death penalty. There was no escape from it. For this cause we have a strong tendency to toe the line, keeping with others whenever our brain deems it essential. Nonetheless… pandering to fear will not give you happiness. Thus, what should you do? Watch more glasses VR porn videos, perhaps? For sure. However… there is more. Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Nietzsche.

Do you blow a fuse when you read philosophy? Thus you better avoid articles about sex bases

And what the hell does philosophy have to do with the price of tea in China, huh? Swallowbay dude, you are saying horseshit! My fellas, tranquilo. Have I ever hurt you? Everything I am writing here is for one purpose and one purpose only - to ameliorate your existence with the help of mature VR porn. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. I understand that reading philosophy might seem tedious at first - especially when you came here to learn more about what is second base sexually - but this tremendous effort of yours will eventually bear fruit, trust me. Even more - a magnificent one. Sure, on the face of it talking about Nietzsche, sex bases and small tits VR videos in one article might seem totally crazy. And by no means am I saying it is not. Nonetheless… Give me some time. Patience works wonders, remember.

I aver you - sooner or later, you will discover dirty secrets of the unique sex bases. It is just a matter of time

Okay, going back to the topic. What does Mr. Nietzsche have to do with everything I have already mentioned above? The fact is - more than it seems on the surface. I have already touched upon the subject of our primal fears and so on. They kept us in line for ages, allowing us to survive. However… The times have changed and we are not that vulnerable to our surroundings anymore. We seek happiness, we seek more BBC VR scenes. What do we get, though? A constant intrusion of fear into our minds. “Oh no, what if others ask me what are the 4 bases sexually and I won’t be able to tell them anything”. “What it,,,”. Let me tell you something, my horny fellow. What-ifs are killing you? In fact, they are way more dangerous than arsenic, whether you like the idea or not. Thus, the faster you shed them, the better. Okay, okay - but what about Nietsche? How is he connected with hairy VR porn? This dude advised all of us to…

What are the sexual bases? This knowledge counts for little…

I will say even more - it will lead you nowhere. Particularly, not to the place that is truly meaningful to you. Instead, you will go further and further from athletic body VR videos, searching for the unknown and unmarked. Nietzsche strongly suggested separating yourself from others if you truly wish to achieve freedom. In your case, it would simply mean watching extraordinary amounts of sloppy blow job VR porn videos. Others might look down on you, thus feeding artificially their egos and suffering inwardly. If you withstand their glares, though… Nietzsche is known for saying:

“No price is too high for becoming your true self” - or something like that, I don’t remember the exact words. If you do not abide by his words, you will eventually have to stew in your own juice. And if this juice is not really what you are into… All in all, instead of wasting time asking what are the 4 sexual bases, focus yourself entirely on Swallowbay’s content. Be here and now, rejoicing every single detail inside Asian VR porn. If you live your life this way, you are guaranteed of one thing - you will not miss out on anything. I would love to say “memento mori, fellas” - but we are in the sex bases article. One must step up to the mark.

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