What does the cum taste like?

What does the cum taste like? - VR Porn Videos

Curiosity killed the cat? Perhaps. Well, but it certainly won’t kill you to learn how to make your cum vr taste better.

You can’t hold yourself back from trying new things in life. We are humans, and curiosity is our innate characteristic. We can’t do anything about that, not to mention restraining it in any way. Thus, if you ever wonder what your cum tastes like, you should give it a try. We know, we know. At first, it might seem gross. But think for a second about all these cum swallow VR porn videos you’ve watched so far on our site. Aren’t you curious about what these girls feel like when they are down there on their knees, choking on your cock and begging for your nutritious nectar? Aren’t you curious why they crave it so much, really?

Here is the key to the riddle of why our sweethearts love the cum taste so much

It’s all about the flavour. Okay, not really. There are many more different factors. To tell you the truth, it’s exactly the same thing as smoking. The reasons depend on the person. Some love it because of the taste, some because of the rite around it (like being in the bukkake VR studio, kneeling in front of a real man with the fragrance of sex and horny male in the air), and others because of its effects (when it comes to smoking, the nicotine helps to focus - it explains why so many famous literary figures were seen with the pipe in their mouth). Nonetheless, for now, we fill focus on the first factor, trying to resolve the following question - how to make cum taste better? It’s not as easy as it might seem on the top of it. First, you have to acquire a vast load of information from nutrition, sports and many more. Ready for the journey?

You don’t need to be kinky to be curious how to make your cum taste better

It’s natural for every man to be interested in that subject. In the end, we see our cum each day. No matter where you cum - on your hand, to the toilet, under the shower (or, if you are very lucky, into the throat of our girls in sloppy blow jobs VR porn videos) - you see it every day, it can’t escape your attention. Thus, we’ve got the following question - how can it be that you don’t know what your cum tastes like? Especially, if you feed our girls with it on a daily basis. Should it be that way? Aren’t you marvelled by the fact of how wide these chicks smile in cyber VR once you feed them with it? Why are they so grateful, so obedient to your every wish? Needless to say - it has a lot to do with your its savour. What if, by not trying it, you are missing out on a great pleasure in life? You definitely have to find out the answer.

Under no circumstances will you leave this article without knowing how to make your cum taste better

We will make our point of providing you with as much information as you need to truly comprehend the subject. At best - inside out. We deem it essential to help you with making such crucial changes in your life. After all, so much hinges on what your cum taste is. Not taking care of it might be truly detrimental to your sex life, and, what follows from that - is your overall level of happiness and fulfilment. You have to understand that your your diet might influence the fun you have in bikini tease VR clips tremendously, the same applies to sleep or sports. So, shall we start? After all, the sooner we start explaining that subject to you, the better. The list of points to cover seems to be endless. So, come on guys? Get on the board, we are about to embark!

How to make cum taste better? First, look into your diet

„You are what you eat”. Have you ever heard someone say that? Because we have. In fact, plenty of times. Maybe it’s saying too much, we know (especially, since it doesn’t even include watching skinny VR porn videos and it is, as we all know, the critical ingredient when it comes to creating a personality) but is has a great deal of wisdom in it. In the end, your diet is the thing that influences what your body is built from and, what follows, what the structure, smell and TASTE of your fluids are... For example, you will be certainly surprised that once you change your diet habits the smell of your sweat will change drastically. Some people complain that they smell like a slice of bacon once they sweat up - well, then stop eating bacon! Hence, the first step in changing your cum taste will be certainly changing the shopping list of your groceries. Veggies, fruits (especially aphrodisiacs) and nuts - these are the best.

When you are one on one with a Swallowbay’s hottie, you might start to wonder how to make cum taste better. It happened to so many of you guys... We know from your email

It won’t diminish you in any way if you honestly ask someone whether the savour of your man gravy is fine. It’s so natural! As we’ve already said, it has all to do with curiosity. Mother Nature taught us to be curious. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have survived for so long, not to mention conquering the entire planet as a species. If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t have been able to watch ultra high definition VR porn videos today. So remember, ask questions. The more of them, the better! Especially, when they are so critical as „how to make your cum taste better”. You have to search for the answer!

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