How girls get so good at sucking

How girls get so good at sucking - VR Porn Videos

Take one look at any of the blowjob VR porn that you’re enjoying on SwallowBay and you’re going to see one thing very quickly. That thing is the fact that the women sucking you off are all experts at using their mouths on your dick. That’s not an accident. The site doesn’t just happen to get filled with blowjob experts without someone trying really hard to make it happen. The only thing you have to worry about, though, is why these girls are so good at giving mouth massages. It’s something that they’ve put a whole lot of effort into and you get to enjoy it whenever you want. Just pick any of the VR porn movies that you really like and pay attention to how the girl is sucking you off. The chances are very high that she’s doing it perfectly and giving you everything that you’ve ever wanted in a tongue bathing. It’s going to make you wonder just how good she got at what she’s doing. She’s clearly better than anyone else who’s ever sucked a load out of your balls. Here are just a few of the reasons that she’s so good at sucking and how she got that way in the first place.

They have to love what they do

The very first thing that has to happen to a girl in these blowjob VR videos is that they have to find a real love of giving blowjobs to people. It’s not just a matter of liking the way that they can make a man feel. They have to really love it and feel powerful in what they do. Most of these girls are petite little things that most men tower over. Just think about the level of power that they have to have in order to make one of those guys so tired and satisfied that he can’t even stand up. That’s where the love of sucking dick starts for them. Then they enter into a world of oral skills and competitions with the other girls in the fellatio virtual reality scenes that you see. All of the girls here want to be the best at cock sucking and they have to practice to make that happen. They put in the work and can’t help but feel pride in the way they swallow the loads they coax out. That’s what love is really all about when you think about it.

It takes a lot of practice

Of course, loving the way you can suck a dick isn’t enough to get really good at it. That takes a lot of practice and the girls of SwallowBay are more than willing to put it in. When they get to suck you off in the blowjob virtual reality videos you watch, you’re getting the end result of lots and lots of trial and error. These girls have never really turned down the chance to suck a guy off. In fact, most of them have gone out of their way to give blowjobs just so they could try out a new technique or get feedback on their mouth skills. It’s not all that strange, really. Men love to get sucked off and these women love to do the sucking. There’s never any lack of guys who are willing to let them practice and experiment on their cocks. Even if their blowjobs aren’t at the expert level yet, they’re still amazing enough to let them shoot giant loads all over their pretty faces and down their throats. All of that work comes together to give you the blowjobs that you love so much.

These girls never give up

No matter how much work and effort they put into it, the real reason they get so good at sucking dick is the fact that they never give up on getting better at them. That’s something that your wife or girlfriend will never be able to say about herself. Most of the women in the world just get to a mediocre level of cock sucking and give up on it. They think they’re good enough and they just stop working on it. It’s a real shame when you get a blowjob that’s not totally amazing. That’s where the SwallowBay girls come in. They’re never going to be satisfied with their oral skills. They’re always going to work on them and make them better for you. The blowjob you get in one of the blowjob VR sex clips is going to be different from the mouth massage that you get on a different one. That’s because each girl has her own skill set that she’s been working on for her entire life. Get yourself sucked off by a girl today and then let her do it in a later video. You’ll be able to feel her improvement and that’s really what it’s all about.

Image source: KATIE KUSH VR

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